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New modules are developed and published by the Drupal community almost every day. We've reviewed the last new Drupal 9 modules, and we've put together a bunch of previews for you.

Webform Trello  - the module allows you to create a card in Trello when creating a webform submission.

Layout Builder Anchor Navigation - allows you to add a navigation block to LB through anchors.

Outdated Browsers - is another attempt to force users to update their browsers to the latest versions without displaying the content of the site.

Password Generator - allows you to generate passwords from a set of words or phrases.

Newsletter Signup Block - the module creates a block form "subscribe to news". Works in tandem with webform.

Schedule Block - This module provides two conditions for publishing/unpublishing blocks based on date and time.

Coloris Color Selector - allows you to select a color using the Coloris library


Maintenance notify - the module can send a notification to email or slack when the site is switched to maintenance mode.

SmartWeather  - allows you to create a block with the weather. Weather data source is

Session Inspector - the module allows you to view and manage site user sessions.

node revision limit - allows you to select the number of revisions and each time the node is updated, it will delete old revisions more than the specified number.

Environment Indicator Simple - is a simple environment indicator module where the site administrator is located (dev, stage, prod).

Render Profiler  is a module for developers that allows you to visualize the render tree and find bottlenecks in site loading speed.

render profiler

CSS Grid Layout - the module adds the ability to add css grid blocks to the Layout Builder.

Group by Field Widget - this module adds a widget for fields of the entity reference type and makes it possible to group the values ​​of these fields.

Sitewide Alerts - allows you to create and display sitewide alerts. You can specify the location of the block, the language of the content, etc.

Geodeny - the module allows you to block access to the site based on the user's country. For geolocation, the ip2country package is used.


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