Migrating from Drupal 10 to 11: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

Migrating from Drupal 10 to 11 is a significant step for any Drupal site owner, offering advanced features and improved performance.

What’s New in Drupal 11?

Drupal 11 is set to introduce several enhancements that aim to improve the user experience for both site builders and content editors. Key features include:

  • Automatic Updates: Simplifying the update process with both attended and unattended modes1.
  • Modern JavaScript Components: Replacing jQuery with modern JavaScript for faster performance2.
  • CKEditor 5: Offering a more modern word processing module included in the core2.
  • Symfony 6 and PHP 8.1: Improving performance and security with the latest versions2.

Preparing for Migration

Before you begin the migration process, it’s crucial to:

  • Backup Your Site: Ensure you have a complete backup of your Drupal 10 site, including all files, databases, and configurations.
  • Update to the Latest Drupal 10 Version: This will minimize potential issues during the migration.
  • Review Custom Code: Check custom modules and themes for compatibility with Drupal 11.
  • Audit Your Site: Remove any unused modules and themes to streamline the upgrade process.

Migration Steps

  • Review the Release Notes: Familiarize yourself with the changes and any actions required before upgrading.
  • Test the Upgrade: Use a staging environment to test the upgrade process and catch any issues.
  • Perform the Upgrade: Follow the instructions provided by Drupal for the migration, which typically involves using Composer to update the codebase and running database updates.
  • Update Contributed Modules: Ensure all contributed modules are compatible with Drupal 11 and update them accordingly.
  • Test Everything: Once the upgrade is complete, thoroughly test your site to ensure all functionality is working as expected.


After successfully migrating to Drupal 11:

  • Monitor Your Site: Keep an eye on performance and any errors that may arise.
  • Stay Informed: Subscribe to Drupal security advisories and update your site with security releases when they are available.
  • Engage with the Community: Share your migration experience and learn from others who have gone through the process.


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